Photoexhibiton in Budapest, Hungary - 10.11.2020

According to my own admission, my fashion photos deal more with emotions and social significance, and I also likes to play with colors, contrast, textiles and forms. In November 2020, I organised a large-scale exhibition in the topic of environment called “Plastic or fashion” with amazing fashion designer Nagea. We presented the collection created from nylon bags to the public in a fashion show in Budapest. And the jewellery and accessories were made from sustainable products, such as jewellery made from coffee capsules. TV also came out to film. 

Environmental awareness has been concern for a long time, and I think it is important to pay attention to it. I want to open people's eyes if we pay little attantion, we shop more consciously, both in fashion and in other areas, we could possibly start with an opposite process of being able to prevent humanity from rushing to its demise. The material for the exhibition was collected by 2 years and the theme has recently appeared in american fashion magazine, in accordance with fashion rules, with the main elements of animal-patterned creations and plastics as opposed to industrial or forest environments.  


Dance performance by Zeley Rita Dominika

Music: Imitation

Fashion designer: Nagea

The two-year project of Ildikó Sopronfalvi is closed by the photo exhibition organized in Agora HUB 3, the opening of which (online) started with the dance performance of Dominika Zele Rita. The exhibition, which deals with the struggle between plastics and nature, was presented by the photographer János Eifert, placing it in context with the space provided, drawing attention to the cleverly invented concept and impeccable execution.

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