" It is an illusion that photos are made by camera... They are made with the eye, heart and head."

Henri Cartier-Bresson



Ildiko Sopronfalvi, was born in 1976 in Hungary, studied civil engineering at the Technical University Budapest and works as civil engineer til now. In the way of looking for creativity she began to study photography at the Academy Deutsche Pop in Stuttgart, in Germany. She had absolved his study with success as photodesigner in October 2017. The first shootings she had in 2016 and since then she had several projects in people- and fashion photography. At the Academy Deutsche Pop she made several relationships with songwriters and musicians. She took some photos for singersand bands, and made CD cover as well for them. Her main profile is fashion- and people photography. She works together with the same professional creative team of stylists, hair- and makeup artists, designers and models for free and payprojects. She lives since November 2017 in Hungary, in Budapest. She had several publications for different fashion magazines  in New York.


Cover in INSPADES MAGAZINE with "Black or pink"

Release in IMIRAGE MAGAZINE with "La romance eternelle"

Release in the SHEEBAMAGAZINE MARCH ISSUE 2018 -Title: Gentle rebels


Release in ELLEMENTSMAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE 2017- Title: Black or pink?

PHOTOEXHIBITIONin Cafe Moulu, Stuttgart/Germany Title: Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen(24.03.2017-20.04.2017)

CD Cover - Toni"Alles Geht"

CD Cover - Liviya "The girl on tv"


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